Young Dolph’s Partner Says They Were Planning Their Wedding Before His Death: He Finally Made The Sacrifices & Was Present 

Young Dolph’s Partner Says They Were Planning Their Wedding Before His Death: He Finally Made The Sacrifices & Was Present 

Young Dolph’sA girlfriend gives her first interview about the tragic death of her boyfriend.

Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s girlfriend, Mia JayeHe was interviewed by a journalist to discuss the aftermath of his death. Journalist Linsey DavisStart by asking MiaShe posted an Instagram post about Christmas Day in which she opened up about how she spent the holiday with her husband and her children. She wrote:

“For every man considering to take another mans’ life, think of the holes you will tear in the heart of their family. As if you were the victim, think about the hole in your family’s heart. Premature death hurts… deep… robs families of their future…”

DavisThen, ask MiaHow she navigated the past few weeks. Mia replied:

“You know, it’s been extremely difficult. It was just a matter of picking up the pieces and finding the strength to support my children. That is the one thing that Adolph and myself, that we just, we felt we had a duty to them…to really protect them, to raise them, to just…do so much for them, and together. Now that he’s no longer here, it’s just really tough for me to be strong for them and also be strong for myself because Adolph was my soulmate.”

She referred to her Instagram post and explained further:

“When I say, ‘They stole my future,’ it’s like…it has taken a long time to iron out the kinks, being with a celebrity, someone who’s very busy, that’s on the road a lot, and family can kind of take a backseat. But he finally made the sacrifices and was present, and we were doing things like planning our wedding,”

She continued:

“[We were planning things like]Our family and friends were invited to a surprise wedding. After being with him for almost a decade, and getting to that point where we can submit our love, celebrate our love story with the people that we love most–our children–that’s been taken from me. To find strength in it all is very, very difficult for me.” 

Mia Jaye, Young Dolph

When asked about Young DolphHe was outside his rap persona. Mia answered:

“A older lady asked me once, like, ‘if your son turned out to be the spitting image of his father, would you be proud? Would you be happy?’ I Immediately, without even thinking twice, said yes,”

She continued:

“Despite what his music may say, like, the person that he is, the person that I met, the person that I fell in love with…it was just a very solid, moral person.”

Young Dolph with his family

Mia Jayean entrepreneur–is the mother of Young Dolph’sTwo small children. Young Dolph was shot to death last NovemberWhile picking up a order of cookies for his mother. Since then, three men were named as suspects in his shooting. He was 36 years of age.

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