Young boy gets 18 million views on YouTube for fishing technique that uses only plastic bottles

There are two main ways to fish with a rod and line: rod angling and line fishing. Line fishing is done with a hand-held fishing line that is dropped into the water. It is typically done from an elevated location. Rod angling involves a simple pole attached and a fishing line or hook attached.

In January, the YouTube channel Pro Fish Hunter featured a young fisherman who’s already an expert in his craft.

His fishing video has received over 18 million views to date. The technique he uses will be awe inspiring.


The boy uses only plastic bottles and string to catch fish. He proves that it is possible, even though it sounds impossible.

The video is 8 minutes long and shows the child fishing at a river with his homemade tools.

First, he prepares his lure. Traditional fishermen use small fish or bugs, but the boy uses what looks like dough. He wraps the bait around each hook.

A young boy arranging his fishing set up

He then walks toward the river’s edge to set up his fishing lines and plant four reeds on the bank. The child unwound the fishing lines from the plastic bottles and secured them with wooden sticks.

It was obvious that the boy was an expert when the fishing lines were thrown into the water. He was satisfied and left the fishing lines to do their work. It can be exhausting just to sit there and wait for the lines of fish to catch them.

A young boy throwing fishing lines into the water

The kid returns to the skewed lines and longer lines after three hours. This means that fish were caught.

He takes the first glass and reels it in. One would think it was a small catch because the boy didn’t appear to struggle much, but when the fish came out of the water, it was nearly half his size!

He then pulls out the next one, but this time it was a smaller fish.

The third one was the easiest to reel in because it’s the smallest.

Finally, he caught the fourth fish. It was the second largest of everything he caught that day.

A big fish caught by the young fisherman

It was a good day for the boy.

Thousands of people flocked to the video’s comments section to express their admiration for the kid using plastic bottles to catch fish. These are some of the most memorable reactions.

“This is so inspiring. It’s amazing to be able to show that much confidence and competence in such a young age. Perhaps because of his hard life, he was too mature. Wish him very well and success, I had utmost respect for this little guy.”

The young boy reeling in fish

“Wow! “Wow! Bottle on a stick and he didn’t even have to fight the fish. You go boy! Let’s not forget how strong he is, carrying those fish all by himself.”

“Well raised boy! Give your children hands! They are more than capable of doing things for themselves! It makes them happier! He is a great fisherman! You can see how far he can cast the line! Loved it from South Africa.”

You can see the young fisherman at work in the video below.

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