You Won't Believe How Much the French President Spends on Makeup

August 25, 2017Aug 25, 2017

You might be under the impression that men don't usually wear makeup, but French President Emmanuel Macron certainly does. In the mere three months that Macron has been the president of France, he's spent approximately USD 30,000 on a makeup artist, reported People.

The French magazine Le Point originally broke the story on Macron's ridiculous expenditure. They reported that the Élysée Palace had paid a makeup artist, named Natacha M., 26,000 Euro (roughly USD 30,000) over the last three months.

As the magazine aptly puts it, that grooming routine is costing the French taxpayers some "Marie Antoinette-level money." Could it be because Macron might be trying to take away Canadian President Justin Trudeau's title of the most handsome world leader? That apparently requires quite a bit of makeup.

The approximately $330 per day he's spent on makeup since his May 14th inauguration reportedly covered his looks for public appearances and news conferences. However, when the French newspaper broke the news, it didn't make the president, who has been slashing public spending, look very good.

"But for a new president floundering in the polls, the optics are less than ideal," explains The Washington Post, "In France, the average disposable annual income per capita is roughly 25,000 euros ($29,700)...That is slightly less than Macron’s makeup expenditure."

But while that sum may seem astronomical, it's apparently not out of the ordinary for French presidents. The Washington Post points out that his predecessors in office spent a similar amount on makeup. The previous president even spent a remarkable $11,000 per month on haircuts.

While his expenditures aren't out of the ordinary for French presidents, the French people still aren't happy. The Washington Post says the French people think Macron has gone too far towards making him into a monarch.

They write, "In the rest of the French press, the revelations only added to a growing sentiment that Macron—who currently enjoys an approval rating of just 36 percent—has gone too far in cultivating what some see as a king-like persona."

Macron will be less pretty soon. A spokesperson for the palace said his makeup budget “will be reduced significantly" in the future.

How would you feel if you found out President Trump spends approximately $10,000 a month on makeup? Let us know in the comments. Also, make sure you don't miss our latest story:Franklin Graham Challenges Christians to Break this New Law

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