You Won’t Believe With Kaepernick Just Did; And You’ll Actually Want To Know This

March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

Colin Kaepernick has just changed his stance on his National Anthem protest.

He’s going to shift out of his kneeling position and actually stand whenever the anthem plays at games next season.

According to ESPN, sources said Kaepernick believes his protest has become a distraction from the actual social change he’s trying to make.

Kaepernick’s protest of an American symbol, which he said was to bring awareness to social inequality in America, was copied by a number of players across the nation and seemed to have led to a dramatic ratings drop for the NFL as disgusted fans chose to watch something else.

But as Kaepernick — also a strong Black Lives Matter advocate — promises to rise to his feet, he’s also ending his contract with the 49ers and will become a free agent next week instead.

Some have postulated that his protest reversal is a desperate move to stay employed as he has single-handedly turned public opinion against one of America’s most revenue-generating sports leagues.

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