You Won't Believe Why This University Is Giving Tampons To Men

September 09, 2016Sep 09, 2016

It appears Target isn't the only big-name business to tackle the topic of transgender bathroom policies. According to Breitbart, recently Brown University has decided to issue tampons in the men's bathrooms (yes, you read that right). Wait, what?!

According to Brown University student body president, "There's been a lot of conversation about why pads and tampons are a will set a tone of trans-inclusivity, an important part of the population."

The student president, Viet Nguyen, claims the initiative will help educate students that "men menstruate as well as women". The tampons, paid for by Brown University Undergraduate Finance Board, are set to be delivered to bathrooms soon.

Where to even begin with this story! The reason women menstruate is because they are...WOMEN. PERIOD (pun intended). There is no need for tampons to be in the men's bathrooms. It is offensive to the student population for a major university to waste time and resources on tackling issues as ridiculous as this .

If a transgender individual needs to use a pad or tampon, they may want to remind themselves which restroom they are in or bring their own supply. More importantly, it is not the job of the university to supply the product for them. Are we going to start seeing Old Spice in the women's bathrooms next?