You Won’t Believe What Yale Students Want Censored Now…

June 09, 2016Jun 09, 2016

A petition is circulating around the Yale campus demanding that the school stop teaching about Shakespeare, Chaucer, Eliot and other English poets. “When students are made to feel so alienated that they get up and leave the room, or get up and leave the major, something is wrong,” the petition reads.

The reason that some delicate students are demanding a safe space from the poets? The poets are white.

“In particular, we oppose the continued existence of the Major English Poets sequence as the primary prerequisite for further study. It is unacceptable that a Yale student considering studying English literature might read only white male authors,” the racist petition reads.

“It’s time for the English major to decolonize, not diversify, its course offerings,” The students demand. The tantrum-like petition finishes with a self-entitled rant. “It is your responsibility as educators to listen to student voices. We have spoken. We are speaking. Pay attention.”

Why are students pursuing an English major if they are offended by the legends of English literature? That makes no sense. To not want to participate in the coursework because of an author’s race is a racist act in itself.

If you were a Yale official, what would you tell the racist and perpetually offended students?