You Won't Believe What This "Smart Gun" Can Do

October 23, 2015Oct 23, 2015

What happens when you combine a fighter jet Tag-and-Shoot tracking system with a consumer firearm? Firearms tech developer TrackingPoint has answered that question.

According to TrackingPoint, the Precision-Guided Semi-Auto rifle has a system that allows users to tag a moving target in the gun's digital heads-up display, press the trigger, and have the gun take the shot when its laser range finder and internal computer determine that the target can be precisely hit.

This system allows the gun operator themselves to be moving yet still hit targets at long range. The rifle display can also link to your ShotGlass wearables, smartphone or other mobile device, allowing operators to shoot over or around obstructions or record their shots.

Do you want one of these, or would it take too much control out of your hands?

I just want to know where the zip-line shooting range featured in the video is.