You Won't Believe What College Administration Did After Pro-Life Law Student Was Threatened

November 27, 2015Nov 27, 2015

When law student Madison Gesiotto went to the deans of her college after getting threatened, she thought she was going to get help. But she found herself in a very different situation instead.

According to the Washington Times, Gesiotto, who is a student at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and a former Miss Ohio USA, wrote a pro-life column that appeared in the Times. The title of her opinion piece? "The number one killer of black Americans," referring to the higher abortion rate in the black community.


After the column was published, she received a threat from a fellow student on Facebook, claiming action against her for her "offensive and racist article."

Scared, Gesiotto sat down with three of the college's deals to ask for assistance but was instead subjected to an hour-long accusatory critique of her opinion piece.

She relates, “This is my freedom of speech, but they kept going on and on about how, ‘This is a flawed article, it’s not a good legal piece, it’s not a good journalistic piece, either,’ They asked me to explain to them why I would put that [line] in, what that means, and how I should have followed that up by saying other things to support these black women.”

Despite having sought help for her safety, the meeting quickly reduced her to tears.

"I was so shocked. I’ve never been in a situation with people I respected and looked up to and felt so violated.”

Campus officials say they have investigated the threat and see no reason to believe Gesiotto is in danger of physical harm.

Also in response to the treat, Gesiotto says, “[Dean Kathy Seward Northern ] explained that she thought this was not proper legal writing or journalistic writing. She further explained that in her mind this article could be taken various ways and left questions to be answered.”

The law student says the dean suggested she hold a public discussion with those who threaten and disagree with her writing.

Gesiotto told the Times, "I was there to report a threat. And then they tried to flip it around and push me into a facilitated discussion with other kids about my article. It was bizarre and very disappointing.”

The former Miss Ohio USA doesn't even know why her college's deans would criticize her for something she wrote for an off-campus newspaper.

“They have no say over what I have in my pieces. First of all, it has no bearing on my education. It should have no bearing on anything. It shouldn’t have been discussed in the meeting.”

Do you feel these college deans are overstepping their bounds in order to push their liberal agendas?