You Won't Believe What Police Found in Vegas Shooters Car

October 05, 2017Oct 05, 2017

The nation is still in mourning after the terrible attack that took place in Las Vegas earlier in the week. In the days since the shooting spree that killed 59 people and wounded hundreds of others, police are still searching for details.

While the motive of the shooter is still unclear at this time, authorities are hunting for answers. One new discovery has just been released that paints a terrifying picture of the killer’s other plan.

Outside the hotel, police found Paddock’s car. Upon a thorough search of the vehicle, officials have released shocking information about the contents inside the car. If Paddock had escaped it appears he could have continued a terror rampage.

“Las Vegas Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Wednesday night that police had found 10 1-pound canisters and two 20-pound canisters of Tannerite in the car of Stephen Paddock. Paddock opened fire on a country music festival on Sunday, killing at least 59 people and wounding more than 500 others. Police said they also found ammonium nitrate in Paddock’s vehicle,” according to news reports.

Authorities believe Paddock was planning a major explosion. They have said that 50 pounds of tannerite could have been used to make a bomb.

“A small amount is used for a target,” Copus said. “But 50 pounds, that’s significant. I would ask why did he have it? He certainly wasn’t going down there pasting targets on those people, so I suspect he had it because he was gonna create a bomb.”

Police also revealed that tannerite can cause severe burns and the blast could injure numerous people. It’s a miracle that Paddock wasn’t able to set off the explosion.

Police believe Paddock had been stockpiling the tannerite and his weapons over long periods of time. They think he purchased small amounts over a long time frame so as not to seem suspicious.

Please continue to pray for the victims and their families during this tragic time. We ask for God’s mercy on our nation so that an incident like this will never happen again. Also, read our breaking news article about the other targets Paddock possibly considered before choosing this one.

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