You Won't Believe the Amazing Thing Happening to Linkin Park after Lead Singer's Death

July 24, 2017Jul 24, 2017

The famous rock band, Linkin Park, is now mourning the death of their band member, Chester Bennington. TMZ is reporting that Chester has committed suicide by hanging himself.

Reports state that the singer suffered from drugs and alcohol use for many years. He had also previously disclosed he considered committing suicide because “he had been abused as a child by an older male.”

However, in the days since Bennington’s passing, Linkin Park has been seeing an amazing thing happening to their music. According to Forbes, Linkin Park’s music is making an insane comeback and climbing charts across the globe!

“In the latest evidence of sales spiking, nine of the band’s albums are featured in the U.K.’s Official Chart Update just released. U.S. sales have already risen by some 5,300%,” according to Nielsen Music.

Even some of Linkin Park’s oldest music is making a comeback. Some of their records that were released years ago are climbing the charts. It is the latest example of how a singer’s passing can bring new life to their music.

“Linkin Park’s 2001 debut Hybrid Theory (Warner Brothers), home of the hit “In The End,” places the highest on the U.K. “midweek” chart at No. 3, followed by One More Light - the most recent album only released in May - at No. 5. Meteora, the 2003 release that was Linkin Park’s first British No. 1 - is at Number 7,” according to Forbes.

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