You Won't Believe How A 4-Year-Old And Siri Make A Lifesaving Team

March 23, 2017Mar 23, 2017

4-year-old Roman from England was able to think fast enough and save his mom's life using Apple's "intelligent assistant" Siri to contact emergency services. 

Roman's mother collapsed unconscious on the floor in their home. The clever boy was able to press his mother's thumb on the Home button to unlock the phone, and then use the Siri function to ask for help. This put him through to emergency services. 

"Hello, I'm Roman," the 4-year-old states.

The dispatcher asked the young boy where his mom was and he told them he thought she was dead because "she's closing her eyes and she's not breathing. She's not waking up." 

Roman was eventually able to give the dispatcher his home address. 

“Thirteen minutes after receiving the call, officers arrived and managed to force entry inside the house where they found the boy with his twin brother and younger brother all inside with their mum, who was lying unconscious on the floor,” police said.

"Paramedics were able to give life-saving first aid to the woman and she was taken to the hospital after regaining consciousness at the home."

This incident has highlighted the importance for police to remind families to teach their children emergency protocol and how to contact emergency services. 

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