You Will Not Believe What This Walmart Customer Found In Her Newly Purchased Purse

May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

A woman in Arizona, Laura Wallace found this inside a new purse she bought at a Walmart: A note that was apparently written by a distraught prisoner in China.


Laura found this message that was written in Chinese, inside a pocket compartment of the purse she purchased at a Sierra Vista Walmart, reported by KVOA. 

Laura had the note translated into English. The letter read:

"Inmates in the Yingshan Prison in Guangxi, China are working 14 hours daily with no break/rest at noon, continue working overtime until 12 midnight, and whoever doesn't finish his work will be beaten. Their meals are without oil and salt. Every month, the boss pays the inmate 2000 yuan, any additional dishes will be finished by the police. If the inmates are sick and need medicine, the cost will be deducted from the salary. Prison in China is unlike prison in America, horse cow goat pig dog (literally, means inhumane treatment)."

Laura also said that two other people translated this note to make sure the message was accurate.
“I'm very sure that that's exactly what the note says,” she told KVOA.

Wallace said that she wanted to to bring awareness to the situation by sharing what the note said.

Walmart issued a statement to KVOA on the incident. "We can’t comment specifically on this note, because we have no way to verify the origin of the letter, but one of our requirements for the suppliers who supply products for sale at Walmart is all work should be voluntary as indicated in our Standards for Suppliers."

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