You Thought College Students Were Making Unbelievable Demands; But Then There's Berkeley

December 02, 2015Dec 02, 2015

Not surprisingly, amidst a cacophony of college protests across numerous campuses in America, the University of California Berkeley has effortlessly caved to the demands of protesters by establishing its own guidelines for "safe spaces" to protect ethnic and sexual minorities. But these rules seem to go even further than the rest.


According to Campus Reform, the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC), which serves 1,300 students, has banned the following activities:

1. “Expectation to conform; be involved in group think”
2. "Using position of power to dominate a situation”
3. “Passive aggression”
4. “Using exclusive language”
5. “Unnecessary yelling”
6. “Resentment”
7. “Judgement”
8. “Aggressive body language”
9. “Loud noises”
10. “Very vocal negativity/absolutes”
11. “Guilt tripping”

But don't worry too much if you're a BSC student who finds themselves unable to transform themselves into a mute, emotionless, and soulless automaton. A BCS employee admitted to Campus Reform that is often difficult to make sure students abide by all the mandatory guidelines.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education spokesperson Azhar Majeed has taken issue with BCS' policy and said, “As a free speech advocate I have concerns that this will have a chilling effect on free speech. It will make students watch everything they say more than necessary on a college campus… a student who’s reading this is really going to walk around on eggshells rather than risk offending somebody.”

You have to wonder what the Free Speech Movement radicals of the mid 1960s would think of what has happened to their successors at Berkeley today.