You May Not Have Heard, But ISIS Struck Again Last Night

July 19, 2016Jul 19, 2016

You may not have heard, but ISIS struck again last night. The news slowly slithered its way through the mainstream media throughout the night as their attention remained fixated on the Republican National Convention and the mass protests they were hoping to film there.

Tragically, too, the self-described "soldier of the caliphate" who perpetrated the lone wolf attack in Germany yesterday was still a minor.

According to BBC News a video by a 17-year-old Afghan — identified as Muhammad Riyad by ISIS — shows him brandishing a knife and calling for attacks on civilians. Yesterday, he committed one of those attacks himself in an suicide mission, screaming "Allahu akbar" as he swung an axe and knife on a crowded train in Wuerzburg. Although the scene of the attack was described as a "slaughterhouse" and photos showed a train car floor covered in blood, incredibly only four people were injured. One of them was injured critically. 14 people were treated with shock after witnessing the gruesome scene.

Riyad himself was shot dead by police.

Literature and a hand-drawn ISIS flag found in the teenager's foster home have led investigators to believe he could have been self-radicalized, although ISIS has claimed him as one of their own.

According to Suddeutsche Zeitung, Riyad left a note for his father saying, "pray for me that I can take revenge on these infidels."

A similar knife attack by someone yelling "Allahu akbar" injured three people in Munich in May.