You'll Never Guess Which Term Is Now Considered Politically Incorrect

October 31, 2015Oct 31, 2015

You'll never guess which term is now considered no longer politically correct.

Oh, shoot, I just said it.


According to Campus Reform, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has released a campaign aimed at dousing insensitive language and "microaggressions" on campus. A number of the terms are universally offensive, but some just boggle the mind.

One of the insensitive terms: politically correct.

The campaign claims that the term “has become a way to deflect, [and say] that people are being too ‘sensitive’ and police language.”

Yes, actually, that's exactly what we're saying. And apparently it's insensitive and "microaggressive" to suggest that someone somewhere is being maybe just a wee bit too sensitive.

And, yes, you are policing our language simply by suggesting it's offensive for us to insinuate that you are.

Ironically, the leader of the sensitivity campaign, Warren Scherer, is known for tweeting sexual slurs at GOP presidential candidates.

That's just crazy.

Oh, wait, Scherer says I can't use that word either. Sorry.