You'll Never Guess What They're Doing At The LIBRARY. It's HORRIBLE.

March 03, 2017Mar 03, 2017

To so many of us, the library is such a wonderful place. We have memories, ourselves, of going as children. And we love it for what it brings to our children.

We think of the library as a safe, healthy, educational place. But in Maryland, parents cannot view the library as a safe place for their children. And if it can happen in Maryland, it can happen where you are.

Life Site News reports that a lesbian pole-dancer was offering sex-ed classes to "teens only," actually to kids as young as 12. Parents were not invited.

At the classes, which were sponsored by a lubricant company, the kids would be taught about how to have sex, including homosexual sex.


The "sex educator" Bianca Palmisano, also encouraged parents to enable their children's transgender inclinations.

It wasn't until a concerned mother found out about these disturbing classes and complained to the library that most of them were cancelled. However, one Maryland library refuses to cancel them.

In defending their choice to initially host the classes, Lexington Park Library deputy director Mary Anne Bowman said, "Face it, children are having sex, and we wanted them to have a safe-space to ask any question they want to find out that information — to give teens the opportunity to ask questions they would be afraid to ask their parents."

"So what does lubricant have to do with safe sex?" the whistle-blowing mother, Georgia Kijesky asked. "I don't know," Bowman replied.

"The problem is much deeper (than one class)," Kijesky told Life Site News. "The solution lies in rooting out those working in positions of power in our public libraries who are trying like hell to push their evil, dangerous agenda."

"There's nothing 'safe' about facilitating a sexual discussion that could potentially invite exposing our precious children to sexual deviancy," Kijesky said.

"And there's nothing 'safe' about having 12 year olds with 18 year olds together in the same room asking questions pertaining to sex.  We do not want sex in our public libraries!"

What do you think about the public library hosting sex-ed classes where parents are not invited and the teacher is pushing homosexual sex amongst minors?

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