You'll Never Believe What Dog Just Won The Westminster Dog Show!

February 14, 2017Feb 14, 2017

The 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show just crowned their newest Best in Show winner!

Rumor, a German Sheppard, came out top dog among her nearly three thousand competitors. Last year, Rumor was runner-up in the competition and almost retired. However, she kept at it one more year and now the rest is history. 

This is the second time in history a German Sheppard has won the title, the only other time being in 1987. 

Along with her new "Best in Show" title, Rumor will also be known as America's dog for one full year. 

Rumor and her owners plan on going out on a high note this year and have decided this will be their last competition. What a great way to retire!

Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show, or as some people call it, "The Super Bowl of the dog world"?

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