You’ll Never Believe What ‘Black Lives Matter’ Was Caught Doing At The DNC Convention

July 27, 2016Jul 27, 2016

The Black Lives Matter activist group claims that they are fighting back against police brutality towards people of color but their recent actions have people wondering if their message has gotten away from them.


Outside the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday, the BLM group staged a protest in response to the recent shootings of black men by members of law enforcement. Instead of trying to protest and bring about change in a positive way, one of the protestors acted out in a blatantly racist way.

According to the Blaze, a demonstrator demanded that the protest be segregated. “White media get to the back! Black media come to the front!” the demonstrator yelled into the microphone. The hate from the demonstrator wasn’t directed at just the media.

The racist rhetoric was also directed towards white people who were protesting in solidarity with the BLM activists. She told the crowd that she “needs all white people to move back” and “take your rightful positions and get behind us.” As for the Black protestors, the demonstrator said if “y’all see any white folks, direct them to the back of the crowd.”

When some people were slow to move back she lashed out again. “Excuse me, sir! Somebody needs to tell this person to get to the back,” she said. “Go! Somebody needs to tell these folks to get to the back! We are not afraid to put people out!”

Imagine for a second if someone of any other race had acted that way to a member of a separate race. The liberal media would be up in arms. The group that the member was a part of would be labeled a hate group. What BLM is doing goes against everything that the civil rights movement stood for.