You'll Love Who "Unplanned" Just Surpassed On Twitter, Even After Account Suspended

April 03, 2019Apr 03, 2019

Twitter obviously is threatened by pro-lifers. The social media platform suspended the account of the powerful pro-life movie, "Unplanned," on the weekend of its box office opening. Talk about an attempt to silence the movie and thwart its success.

But the faith-based film defied odds (and opposition) by ranking 5th in the box office, far surpassing its own projections. In fact, comparing for the number of theaters showing the movie, the film did far better than Disney's own "Dumbo."

"Disney's star-studded "Dumbo" did not exactly take flight at the North American box office this weekend, while the faith-based film "Unplanned" rounded out the top five flicks with an impressive $6.1 million from only 1,059 theaters," said Fox News.

The move tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years before realizing the atrocities she was helping to commit.

After massive complaints from pro-lifers, Twitter reinstated the movie's official account, but did not give any satisfactory reason or apology for the shutdown, only saying, "After further review, we have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation of the Twitter Rules."
But what is satisfactory is how Unplanned's Twitter account soared after the censorship, surpassing even Planned Parenthood's followers.

This is quite amazing, considering how Twitter tried another angle to kill the movie's momentum after the original account shutdown didn't work. After shooting up from just a few thousand followers to nearly 200,000, the account suddenly noticed its following drop back down to 25,000.

Supporters said that they were involuntarily taken off of the Unplanned account they had subscribed to earlier. Others said they were being unable to subscribe, including pro-life actress Patricia Heaton.

“Hey @jack – why aren’t you letting me follow @UnplannedMovie ? I’ve tried eight times to support my friend @AbbyJohnson and @Twitter won’t let me. Others are having the same issue. Please correct this. Thank you,” tweeted Heaton.

Hours later, the Twitter followers were reinstated to Unplanned's account, shares FaithWire. Wow, talk about controlling censorship!

Despite the intense opposition from liberal platforms like Twitter, "Unplanned" is making a major splash in pop culture. Men have shared how they bawled while watching it. It is playing in theaters everywhere. Be sure to go see it, and if you've already seen it, let us know what you thought!

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