You'll Be Amazed at What Land's End Just Did!

March 02, 2016Mar 02, 2016

In this day and age, religious liberty is under assault. Every day we can read about another attack on Christians around the world and in our own country. The values that as America we have stood for are often ridiculed, and it seems like government and business just want to attack the family.

That is what makes what Land's End just did so remarkable. According to the New York Times, Land's End published an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem is pro-abortion and very outspoken.


Quickly, the Land's End constituency reacted. A Catholic school threatened to pull their support of Land's End. Other pro-family groups and schools reacted in similar fashion in protest of Steinem's pro-abortion views.

In this day, we would expect Land's End to stick by its guns. But it quickly reversed itself and pulled the article. That is what makes this so remarkable! When pro-family groups stand up for their values, big business retreats! Land's End had offended their customers; they realized their mistake; and they pulled the Steinem article.

For pro-life and pro-family groups to succeed in this values war, we must speak up — and speak up quickly — and speak up boldly. So good for Land's End for reversing their position.