You Haven't Even Heard The WORST Of Obama's Bathroom Bill

May 23, 2016May 23, 2016

Everyone's talking about bathrooms. And bathrooms are definitely bad: letting boys into girls' restrooms (and vice versa) is 100% dangerous and wrong. There is a reason we have separate facilities. And then many of us also know that the repercussions for schools, under Obama's recent mandate, would also transfer to locker rooms and showers. This, of course, is tragic to even think about. A boy in the showers with young girls? Think about all the damage that will be done, all of the intensive conversations parents will have to have at home with their children.


But, as Life Site News reveals, that is not even the end of the matter. Obama's new mandate also trespasses into hotel rooms for school trips and dorm rooms for college. So, for example, if high-school aged Johnny feels like he's now a girl, the school is to put him in the same hotel room as another girl--without any questions, lest they be accused of discrimination.

Scenario 2: College young women will now be possibly assigned a transgender roommate, and they will not be informed about it beforehand. And presumably, if they tried to protest, they may be accused of a hate crime.

Now, if you're thinking that "transgender" only refers to people who have made a long, drawn-out decision about their gender identity and have taken steps to appear like the opposite're wrong. Life Site shares, "Just as there is no minimum threshold required to qualify as transgender, there is no maximum limit to the number of times a student can change genders. 'For some people, gender is not just about being male or female,' CNN reported. 'In fact, how one identifies can change every day or even every few hours.' So, theoretically, one could be male during homeroom, female during gym class, then male again before he gets on the bus – and the school district is bound to comply every step of the way."

And if you think that you are going to be notified by the school if your child is going to be roomed with a transgender student, think again. In fact, Obama's mandate dictates that not even the parents of the transgendered child will be notified. So parents can be completely in the dark about their own child's situation. Why? Because the STATE (read: Obama) is in control.

This is grievous on so many levels. Our children's safety and identity is being thrown to the wolves. And what are we to do? Homeschooling is definitely looking more imminent to those of us with school-aged children. What do you think should be done? Thank you for sharing how you feel!