You Be The Judge: Is This Camera Magic Or Really A PICTURE OF JESUS?

September 16, 2016Sep 16, 2016

On the anniversary weekend of September 11th, New York officials once again paid tribute to the victims and the towers of 9/11 by lighting up the night sky with blue beams of light.   Residents around the city could see the shining symbols for miles, many taking to the street to capture photos of the spectacle.  

One photographer, Rich McCormack, captured something extra special in his picture.  Upon analyzing his images, Rich realized one of his photos appeared to show something at the top of the light beams.  In an interview with, Rich explained that as he zoomed in, the image resembled “a vision of the Lord with his arms folded


Rich took to social media to post his findings, claiming his picture was never edited or subjected to Photoshop.  The glowing silhouette of Jesus Christ, arms folded, appears to be watching over Manhattan. Do you agree?