YNW Melly Accuses His Mother of Lying!!

Rapper YNW has accused his mother, Melly, of lying.

His mother claims that YNW Melly is stealing money from him, his brother and his sister.

“Man, listen. Everyone who entertains that shit or whatever is going on, bruh. It’s not what it is, bruh. My momma is lying. “My momma has anxiety issues,” the rapper stated on a phone call to his manager.

“Her ass tripping, bruh. You know what I mean? She feels a certain way because her brother is supposed be bigger. Nobody f*ckin’ my brother on no money. Track f*ckin’ my brother on money means I’m f*ckin’ my brother on money and I’d never do that to my little brother. We split the same percentage on my little brother’s sh*t.”