YK Osiris Gives Us A Tour Of Drake’s Mansion – He Has A Trophy Room AND An Electric Toilet!!!


YK Osiris Goes Crazy At Drake’s State-Of-The-Art Electric Toilet

DrakeHe doesn’t play fair when it is music or real estate. A year ago, the rapper was in the news for buying a Toronto mansion measuring 50,000SF. It featured amenities such as an indoor basketball court that is NBA-regular size and a pyramidal skylight measuring 21 feet.

We all know this. DrakeHe can do everything big, so his humble home would be no exception. The grammy-winning artist has no regrets about the home he created. He used iconic chandeliers and tapestry to bring out its character.

We could always count on this, even though the outside of the mega star home was being questioned by the world. YK Osiris We are grateful to them for the tea. Yk Osiris gave us the inside look into Drake’s private chef, basketball court, and electric toilets.


Some fans felt this way. YK OsirisHe overstayed his welcome recording the home. He hasn’t had the best track records with rappers lately. Osiris bought $325,000 in diamond earrings, but he still owes rappers $5000. Lil Baby.

Do you think it was wrong for YK Osiris to record Drake’s Mansion?