Yet Another Airline’s Flight Turns Into Chaos As Fists Begin To Fly

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May 10, 2017May 10, 2017

United, Delta, American, and Spirit Airlines — as well as Tokyo-based All Nippon Airways — have all had highly publicized, video-recorded incidents in their planes and terminals in the past few weeks, highlighting the heightened tension between passengers and crew members.

Now Southwest Airlines has joined the ranks.

Monday evening, Spirit Airlines experienced a brawl in its Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport terminal after numerous flights were cancelled amidst pilot contract negotiations.

Now footage has been released from the day before of a small-scale but vicious brawl aboard a Southwest Airlines plane at Burbank Bob Hope Airport in California, according to the Washington Post.

Passengers were apparently leaving the plane when one man complained about the woman behind him “messing with his chair.”

When the woman’s companion got up to help the woman out of her seat, he got punched by the man who was complaining.

That’s when fists began to fly.

According to passenger Michael Krause, a female flight attendant tried to break up the scuffle.

Krause, who was recovering from surgery and didn’t feel up to getting involved, pulled out his phone instead and recorded what happened next...STORY AND VIDEO CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE.

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