Yesterday's Same-Sex Marriage Legalization: 3 Biggest Questions For Christians

June 27, 2015Jun 27, 2015

Something happened yesterday that might have been inconceivable 10 years ago: the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, thus legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. 

What this could mean for Christians is yet to be seen, but here are 3 questions (some a little scary) that we need to ask ourselves:

1) How will this affect a church's freedom of religion and speech?  For example, will it now be considered a "hate crime" for a pastor to decline officiating a same-sex marriage?  Or will it be illegal to not hire a homosexual as a pastor? 

2) How will this affect an individual's freedom of religion and speech?  Will there be any sort of repercussion for saying that you don't believe in same-sex marriage--that you believe that marriage is to be between a man and a woman?  What if you teach your children that at home?  Could it ever become a hate crime to voice your stance? 

3) What is the Christian response to this ruling?  One may view this as a symptom of the larger, long-gestating disease brought by taking the Bible out of the moral fabric of our country.  How are we to respond to both the national ruling and to gay individuals?  What does it look like to both love people and hold fast to the truth?  How can we shine brighter in a darkening culture? 

We would love to hear your thoughts!  Please let us know how you feel in the comments, and feel free to leave a prayer for our country!