YES!!! Scientists Create Healthy Version Of American's Favorite Breakfast Indulgence

November 02, 2015Nov 02, 2015

Does eating healthily mean giving up America's favorite sizzling, greasy, salty, fatty, corrugated meat — bacon? Yes. No. Maybe.

According to Inhabitat, Oregon State University scientists have created something that tastes like bacon but comes from a very different source: the sea.


Asian cooking has been using a particular type of dulse — seaweed, basically — for years, but OSU scientists have created a new strain that, when fried, mimics the taste of bacon. And while frying may not be the healthiest choice in your culinary repertoire, this bacon seaweed is twice as healthy as a known superfood — kale.

But could it ever be as good as the real thing? You might get a chance to decide for yourself in the near future. Restaurants in vegan-loving Portland, Oregon are already scrambling to get their hands on it.

Would you try some?