Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Shares Theory on ‘End of Us’ Line

Weighing in. Ryan Bingham doesn’t know what’s coming in season 5 of YellowstoneHowever, he does have some theories as to what happened in the previous one.

The “Wolves” singer, 41, exclusively told Us WeeklyWhat he thinks Kayce Dautton (Luke Grimes) meant when he said he saw “the end of us” in the season 4 finale, which aired in January.

“Probably as, like, the culture of the American West,” Bingham explained on Tuesday, April 26, while promoting his partnership with Lone River Ranch Water. “It’s kind of a dying breed. … It’s definitely where I come from. I grew up in this way, going to junior rodeos when I was a kid just like Little League baseball. It wasn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life.”


Kayce told Monica (Kelsey Asbille), that he saw “the end of us” after he went on a three-day wilderness ritual and experienced visions while taking hallucinogenic drugs. Some fans took Kayce’s comment literally, implying that he saw Monica’s death, while others thought the line was more abstract.

Bingham, on the other hand, seems to be leaning towards the second camp. He views the line as a nod towards the disappearing way life depicted on the hit series.

Yellowstone's Ryan Bingham Shares Theory on What Kayce Meant by The End of Us in Season 4 Finale

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton on ‘Yellowstone.’
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“Hopefully, this show kind of brings some of that back — and educates some people on where your hamburgers are coming from,” the Golden Globe winner told Use. “Even if things all have to change and we make adjustments and things like that, hopefully we can hold on to some of the history.”

The guitarist explained that he has “no idea” what will happen to his character, Walker, in season 5, but he’s thrilled to work with his castmates — especially Kevin Costner, whose films he viewed as a child.

“I remember my grandparents taking me to go watch Dances with Wolves,” the told UseThe Oscar winner, 67. “One thing about him is he’s just a genuinely kind, nice guy. … He always stops and says hi to everybody, and he makes a point just to say hello and acknowledges you, says your name and shakes your hand. And, you know, he doesn’t have to do that.”

Yellowstone's Ryan Bingham Shares Theory on What Kayce Meant by The End of Us in Season 4 Finale

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Ryan Bingham as Walker on ‘Yellowstone.’

The fifth season of Yellowstone is set to start shooting in May, but until then, Bingham has some time on his hands to enjoy a Ranch Rita, Lone River’s new margarita-style canned drink, or the brand’s Ranch Water Hard Seltzer, which comes in original, spicy, prickly pear and rio red grapefruit flavors, available at liquor stores nationwide.

Even when he isn’t kicking back with a cold one, The actor and his castmates always try to make the most of their relaxing moments between shoots for the often-intense drama.

“There’s a lot of comedians on the show,” he told Use. “Most of the time, we spend a lot of time kind of sitting around and waiting … and everybody’s laughing and joking with each other the whole time. You have to turn the camera on to actually perform the scene. It’s probably, like, 80 to 90 percent fun and joking around and laughing about the scenes or how much drama it is.”

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