Yellowjackets’ Melanie Lynskey Reveals ‘Creepiest’ Fan Theories

Melanie Lynskey.
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Don’t go too far! Melanie LynskeyShe’s heard all the fan theories regarding her hit show Yellowjackets  — and she is officially overwhelmed.

“I got to a point where if somebody else wrote to me and was like, ‘I think that Adam [her character’s lover]Is Javi actually Javi [who is dead],’ I was going to smash my computer into pieces,” Lynksey, 44 — who plays the adult Shawna on the show — exclusively told Us Weekly. “And people were still doing it! And it’s just not that.”

The Mrs. AmericaActress admits to Use that while she “loves how passionate people are,” some of the theories about the psychological thriller are a little strange.

“There was also a theory that maybe Adam was my wilderness baby, which is like the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard,” she joked. “Doesn’t make any sense. Like why, what’s the plan here?”

The New Zealand native said that, while she had to stop reading what people were writing for her mental health, she was impressed by the creativity of her fanbase.

“I stopped looking at Reddit because it wasn’t good for my brain,” she confessed. “But, I did for a time and it was really interesting. Some people, I’m like, ‘You should be on the writing staff. Like, you have some really great ideas.”

Lynskey said Use that while she has “absolutely no information about season 2” and “has no idea when the cast is going back to work,” she did confirm that the second season is currently being written.

For now, however, Two and a Half MenAlum is in close contact Yellowjackets cast through video message — because costar Juliette Lewis can’t quite figure out how to text.

“Video messages started because Juliette cannot send a text message that makes sense,” she revealed to Us. “She does voice text and it’s so confusing. So finally she was like, there’s this thing called Marco Polo and it helps me in my life. So we get these great video messages from each other.”

Lynskey added about working with her costars: “They are people I’ve just respected for a very long time and we like each other, which is nice. We care about each others. And it’s nice to be going back into an environment with people I’m excited to work with and excited to hang out with.”

Yellowjacket’s Melanie Lynskey Ready to ‘Smash Keyboard’ Over Fan Theories

The ‘Yellowjackets’ cast.
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The Perks Of Being a WallflowerStar has another female-centric series in development; the actress will play Betty Gore, the murder victim opposite Jessica Biel who will play her killer in Hulu’s new true-crime drama Candy.

Lynskey described the show as “a killing that took place in 1980s Texas, where one mother and a church-going woman killed another with an ax.” adding that it was “a very shocking act of violence in [a] little community” and a role she felt immense pressure to get right.

“I felt a great responsibility to kind of honor [Betty] to try to be as truthful as I could possibly be without getting to obviously meet her,” the Don’t Look Up actress told Use. “But Jim [Atkinson] John [Bloom]The author of the book, Judith, had done interviews and talks with almost everyone. So there was a lot of information about who she was, and it really meant a lot to me because she doesn’t have a voice in the story. So I wanted to feel like I was inhabiting her fully.”

The role may be heavy, but the Critics’ Choice Award winner toldUseIt was nothing but a pleasure to work with Biel, who is 40.

“Jessica’s just so great. She’s so great to talk to,” she revealed. “We talked a lot about our lives, our kids, our husbands, you know, we have play dates a couple of times we went to the playground with our kids. I love and respect her so much. So it was just a pleasure and I love working with her.”

CandyHulu will start airing episodes in a five-day special event. The network will release one episode per evening for five nights.

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