‘Yellowjackets’ Cast Has an ‘Old Lady Text Chain’

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Oh, to be an orangejacket (fly) on this thread. Christina RicciShe may not spend a lot of time with certain of her friends. YellowjacketsCostars are not a good idea, but they make up for it in their text chain.

“We don’t all get to work together very often. I’ve only spent one day working with Tawny [Cypress]Two days of working with Melanie [Lynskey]. The majority of my stuff last years was with. Juliette [Lewis]. We hang out outside of set,” Ricci, 42, exclusively told Us Weekly. “We have an old lady text chain group and I commute back and forth to Vancouver, but whenever I do go into town, the ladies and I have dinner and I meet for a drink, and we talk all the time and see each other as much as we can.”


The cast reunited for the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. Showtime earned seven nominations. The psychological thriller is about four women who are bonded by a 1996 plane accident that left their high school soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 19 months. Ricci plays adult Misty, the always outcast of the group — who, well, is unpredictable and what most may describe as a sociopath.

Christina Ricci Yellowjackets

Tawny Cipress portrays Taissa. Melanie Lynskey portrays Shauna. Juliette Lewis portrays Natalie in Yellowjackets.
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“Misty is really fun and playing her is fun because it is really enjoyable for me to play characters that are not bound by the sort of normal societal constraints or any kind of moralistic boundaries. She very much has her own morality and that’s fun and it’s fun to play characters also that don’t express their emotions in traditional ways,” Ricci told Us. “As an actor, I’m just always looking to do something new and different and something I haven’t necessarily seen before. It’s amazing to have the freedom that Misty gives me. It was also wonderful to be nominated in the Emmy race. So that was great.”

Ricci, who was nominated in the outstanding supporting actress category for her work, sprinkled in a few extra details about Misty in season 1 that wasn’t initially in the script. Example one: Misty has to have a bird.

’90s Nostalgia

“With TV, there’s constant new scripts and constantly your character is changing, doing things maybe you didn’t expect. She does appreciate my little input. But then there’s lots of stuff that is not my input that the characters made up of well, but like the bird, I didn’t even remember that I suggested the bird,” she said with a laugh. “But I think we were just talking about different types of people and at that time I was like, you know, people who keep birds. Because I didn’t really know much about birds at that time and I always thought it was strange. But now I’ve gotten to know the bird who plays Caligula and I totally understand why people have [them]. They’re very affectionate.”

Christina Ricci Yellowjackets

Melanie Lynskey plays Shauna, Tawny Cpress plays Taissa and Juliette Lewis plays Natalie. Christina Ricci is Misty in Yellowjackets.
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Example two: Misty’s drink of choice. “The chocolate martini that she orders was my suggestion,” she added. “Little things like that along the way.”

Ricci says that the hit show has given Ricci more creative opportunities. “It’s really different with television because it’s not the same as with film where basically a character’s written and then the character’s kind of handed over to you as the actor. You kind of get to create whoever you really want within the parameters of the writing,” Ricci explained. “What I’m looking at is — is the character something I haven’t seen before? What will I gain as an actor and director? I want to do things that are unique and unexplored in any way. I mean, obviously, almost every aspect of human nature has been explored at this point by art, but you know, there are tiny little differences that can be made to make something new.”

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She continued: “I like doing TV because you kind of get to spend a longer time with the character, and if you do like the character, then that’s fantastic and great. … I’m right now growing and learning and changing and developing new muscles. And I do like that about TV that even at my age when I’ve been doing this for 35 years, it’s forcing me to grow and develop new skills.”

YellowjacketsSeason 2 is expected premiere in early 2023.