WOW! UK Prime Minister Does Something For Christians Obama REFUSES To Do In America

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March 29, 2016Mar 29, 2016

Last April, British Prime Minister David Cameron unapologetically declared Great Britain a Christian nation — something our own president refuses to do.

Now this Easter, in the wake of the ISIS terror attacks in Brussels, Cameron again defended Christian values in the face of an enemy sworn to destroy them.

He started out his official Easter message by praising the Christian message of Easter and the numerous "faith-inspired projects" Christians participate in that give hope to people around the world.

He said, " the heart of all these acts of kindness and courage is a set of values and beliefs that have helped to make our country what it is today. Values of responsibility, hard work charity, compassion...these are values we treasure. They are Christian values, and they should give us the confidence to say 'yes, we are a Christian country and we are proud of it.'"

He added, "When we see Christians today, in 2016, being persecuted for their beliefs, we must speak out and stand with those who bravely practice their faith. And when terrorist try to destroy our way of life, as they have tried to do again so despicably in Brussels this week, we must stand together and show that we will never be cowed by terror."

Cameron then attacked Islamic extremism, declaring that "We must defeat the pernicious ideology that is the root cause of this terrorism, by standing up proudly for our values and our way of life."

He concluded "...let us draw hope and inspiration from...all those who, inspired by [Christian] values, seek to help others in our country and around the world."


As for Cameron's own faith, BBC says that he has described himself as a "committed" but "vaguely practicing" Christian who struggles with some of the big theological issues. But regardless of the true spiritual state of his heart, it is incredible how he is defending Christianity in a way we could only hope a U.S. president who calls himself a Christian would do as well.