Wow! Franklin Graham Just Turned "A Day Without A Woman" On Its Head

March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

Wednesday's "A Day Without A Woman" was an ironic thing to many. Instead of uplifting women, it put many mothers out, who had to figure out childcare for their children since school was cancelled due to teacher strikes.

The left's push to turn International Women's Day into one big strike from women did not resonate with so many women. The main themes were pro-sex workers (prostitution), pro-gender fluidity, and pro-abortion.

Even more ironically, the charge was led by a Muslim woman. And as Franklin Graham points out in this latest Facebook post, Islam is one of the most oppressive religions towards women.

Conversely, Christianity (the religion the left tries to make seem as oppressive and backwards) is actually incredibly liberating to women. Here, Graham shows the truth about the strength and value that women have in God's sight and asks women to uplift their mentors instead of abandon their posts.


The responses honoring women were so beautiful!



Will you join in the celebration of women? Who is a woman who has really touched your life with her service and example? Honor her in the Comments! Thank you!