Would You Ever Have One of These Exotic Animals as a Pet?

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May 05, 2017May 05, 2017

Some pet owners claim they couldn’t live without their furry or scaly companions.

But these pet lovers are really serious about it as they choose exotic animals that are taking over their lives, according to Inside Edition.

Take, for instance, Chico the capybara.

He’s snuggly, enjoys swimming, and loves popcorn. But because this giant rat is nocturnal, he wakes his owner up four times a night for food.

Bruce the giant female iguana seems a whole lot lower maintenance, as long as you have room for an animal big enough and frightening enough looking to scare away your houseguests.

Then there’s the cutsy sugar gliders, flying possums that can dive-bomb you from above.

Owner Amy Waxman loves owning these gliders but says she spends “most of my day with them, between feeding and making sure their cages are clean, their toys are clean, making pouches for them.”

Would you ever own these animals as pets?

Take a look at them in the Inside Edition video below: