Worried About Your Kids In Remote Learning? KiwiCo Crates Can Help

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It’s hard to overestimate just how widely the effects of COVID-19 spread. The pandemic impacted virtually every aspect our lives. You could also argue that children borne the brunt of some of the most severe burdens. 

Children had to make difficult changes in their schooling. It was a shock for many to switch from eight-hour-long, in-person instruction with virtual classes in quarantine. Many children struggled to reach their full potential when they learned remotely. 

This situation can be frustrating, especially if you worry about your grandchild falling behind or missing important hands-on learning. Luckily, KiwiCo is here to get your young ones back on track.

A Boost To At-Home Learning

There are numerous undeniable facts about everything, from developmental milestones and screen time excesses. downsides to remote learning. These drawbacks were felt by all ages and grades. 

Although teachers are amazing, the lack infrastructure and resources made it difficult for every child to be attended to. Consequently, already-busy caretakers had to become their child’s second teacher. 

KiwiCo seeks to step in where your child’s schooling ends. Each month, KiwiCo sends a crate specifically designed for a child’s age and interests. The crates include projects and activities that cover a wide range, from science to the humanities. 

KiwiCo doesn’t replace at-home learning, it builds on it. The monthly subscription is a supplement to help children of all ages learn and explore. It allows children to learn directly, and not through a screen. 

As a consequence, children are more active, curious, and engaged.

(KiwiCo Tinker Box)

The KiwiCo Basics

KiwiCoA parent created it. “We believe that creative confidence helps kids think big and act like creators and producers instead of just consumers,” KiwiCo’s founder and CEO Sandra Oh Lin wrote on their website

KiwiCo designed over 1500 projects for kids and sold more that 30 million crates. Each crate is developed by KiwiCo and shipped to 40 countries. 

Crates’ subjects range from science to art to culture. KiwiCo offers nine crate optionsFrom newborns to teens. But they’re not just comprehensive; they’re also convenient. 

KiwiCo is a subscription service that includes the tools, materials, and inspiration to explore that month’s project. You can relax and let them take care of the rest after you place your first order. They curate. crate for your child or grandchild and deliver it straight to your door—no remembering to re-order, long waits, or store pick-ups.

Electrical wiring kit with tools, finished light, and booklet
(KiwiCo Maker Crate)

It Isn’t Rocket Science; It’s Made By Rocket Science

The key to KiwiCo’s success is in its development. KiwiCo’s creative team includes educators, engineers, and Literal rocket scientists—all experts in their crate’s specific field. 

Each crate is first reviewed by an advisory board made up of artists, developmental psychologists, educators, and artists. To ensure that the projects are engaging, attractive, and easy-to-follow, a team of children tests each crate. (Because there is no better way to test. kids’ cratesChildren are more likely to do this than adults? 

KiwiCo crates provide many benefits. The Maker(14+). Doodle(9-16) Crates are specifically focused on creativity and art education. Research has shown that art education has tremendous positive impactsOn academic, social, or emotional wellbeing 

The company also produces a wide range of STEAM crates (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math). Kiwi (5-8), Eureka (12+), Tinker(9-14), Yummy (6-14) crates. 

The Panda(0-24 Months) Koala(2-4) These crates are for babies and toddlers. They can be used to support their developmental milestones, as well as help them learn, explore, and play.

Introduce younger children to STEAM (STEM + the Arts). help set a strong foundation for all future learning, making the Kiwi and Koala crates invaluable resources for your child’s development.

Girl and boy play with interactive activity at table

An All-Around Knockout

The pandemic has changed kids’ education for the foreseeable future. KiwiCo makes sure those kids still reach every milestone they’d meet in the classroom—and then some. 

KiwiCo crates are great outlets for young children’s energy and imagination. Whether they’re starting daycare or the 5th grade, young kids will love getting a unique and exciting project each month. 

KiwiCo cratesThese are just as useful for older children. Your preteens can gain confidence, improve their studies, or just get away from their phones for a while. The projects are so engaging it won’t even feel like homework. 

KiwiCo crates can be purchased at a very affordable price. Monthly subscriptions cost $22.95 per month for the majority. This excludes the Maker & Eureka crates that cost $31.95 per months. This excludes the Panda crate which is $41.90 per box delivered every two months. 

Subscribers can get a discount on the per crate price by signing up to three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions. Prices start at $17.50 per monthly. These subscriptions must be paid in full upon checkout.

KiwiCo Benefits Last a Lifetime

KiwiCo crates are less expensive than a family dinner. They’re likely less expensive than that toy they’ve been pining over, and they’re certainly cheaper than a smart device. But when it comes to KiwiCo’s developmental benefits, they’re worth their weight in gold. 

This is true subscription serviceIt will pay off in no time. Your child or grandchild will love their newfound confidence, skill sets, and most importantly, all the fun they’re having! 

In addition, you’ll love knowing that they’re learning as much as possible, regardless of how COVID is affecting their usual routine. A KiwiCo subscription provides children with tools and know-how they’ll use long after their last crate arrives. 

Remote learning could be around for a lot longer than we think. But thanks to KiwiCo, you can rest assured that the child in your life won’t miss a beat.