World War II Veteran, Hall of Famer Dead at 92

November 29, 2017Nov 29, 2017

NASCAR Hall of Famer and racing icon Bud Moore sadly passed away Tuesday, November 28th. He lived a long, happy, and successful 92 years.

Little details were provided regarding his death, but it is expected that he passed from natural causes.

According to NASCAR News, Moore won several NASCAR championships and was the oldest living member of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2011.

However, these racing honoraries were not the only recognition Moore received during his lifetime. Before Moore was a NASCAR icon, he was a crucial member of the military—eventually honored with five Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars.

As Fox News pointed out, “Bud Moore was a racing icon...but before that he was a true American hero.”

Fans and others in the industry took to social media to express their love and condolences for Moore and his loved ones.

Watch the Fox News video in remembrance of Bud Moore below:

Please keep Bud Moore’s friends and family in your prayers. In other breaking news, stunned colleagues and fans responded to the firing of NBC’s Matt Lauer.

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