Working During The Apocalypse? THIS Online Retailer Stockpiles Gold And Food For Workers

October 27, 2015Oct 27, 2015

Where will you be when the apocalypse happens?  If you work for, they will expect you to report the very next day as they have a contingency plan in place. 


According to the Blaze, the online retailer has stockpiled small gold coins and rations of food to keep their employees fed and paid if the economy were to take a severe downturn.

Last month, chairman Jonathan Johnson gave a speech to the United Precious Metals Association.  There he told the association that they have $10 million dollars in gold button size coins to pay their employees.  The gold is kept outside of the banks to ensure access to it.

As for the food supply, the company has stockpiled enough survival rations to feed all of their employees for three months.  So if you are an employee and the end of the world is upon us, you have no excuses to call out of the work the next day.