Wonder What Happens To Hillary's Campaign Plane Since She Lost? The Answer Is Hilarious

November 17, 2016Nov 17, 2016

During the election, voters from both sides of the party lines saw candidates walking the tarmac after disembarking their highly branded campaign planes.  Donald Trump used his personal 757 to travel across the nation, with a gigantic TRUMP logo on the side.  Hillary Clinton however, chartered a Boeing 737 and had it painted white and blue, along with her campaign slogan 'Stronger Together" on the side.  When she conceded to Trump after the election, one question remained:  What happens to the airplane now?

As it turns out, the plane is now being used for commercial flights.  The lucky recipients of the first flight post-election?  The Dayton basketball team.  The University of Dayton had no idea when they showed up to the airport that they would be flying on the "Stronger Together" campaign plane of the former candidate.  However, unlike Hillary, the team ended up winning their matchup 77-72