Won’t Support Trump? Huckabee Has A Few Words For You…

June 27, 2016Jun 27, 2016

Mike Huckabee had more reason than most to not support Donald Trump for President. He was running against him in the heated Republican primary. Once he was forced to bow out of the race, no one would have blamed him for packing up and going home. However, Huckabee has put aside his differences for the good of the country.

“As much as I wish Republican voters had given me their nomination, they gave it to Donald Trump,” Huckabee said in a statement on Breitbart. “And it wasn’t that he barely won. He got more votes than any Republican in nomination history. And Republicans ELECT our nominee, we don’t delegate the process to backroom bosses who SELECT our nominee. I’m staying and will help Donald Trump become President. George Will, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and a handful of others are in full-pout and have left.”

As for the people who are fleeing the Republican party and refusing to support Trump, Huckabee had some choice words. “To those who boast of leaving the GOP, I respect your decision. It’s a free country, and you can go as you please. But your stewardship of the GOP hasn’t been that stellar for the “folks,” so forgive me if I don’t beg you to reconsider. You decided to leave. I have decided to do everything possible to stop “Hellary” from continuing the slide of this nation into the abyss. And it appears that a lot of Americans, like me, are ready for a fight to keep their country and their culture.”