Woman Without Kids DEMANDS Maternity Leave, But Candace EXCLAIMS...

April 29, 2016Apr 29, 2016

Author Meghann Foye has made the case that it's only fair that women like her who don't have children to still get maternity leave.

According to the New York Post, Foye said that as a woman in a fast-paced, high-stress career, she became jealous of women who got time off for having babies and who were given flexibility to be able to leave work at a reasonable time because they had kids to pick up from school.

Foye told the newspaper that she believes childless women and men should have "me-ternity" leave, enjoying the same "sabbatical-like break" other women get that allows them to shift their focus in life and have "time and space for self-reflection." She gave examples of women who came back from maternity leave with a fresh focus that allowed them to change jobs or start their own companies and says she wished her employer would have granted her that same time off to focus on herself instead of her career.

Not surprisingly (at all), Foye has received a backlash of criticism from moms who don't support her demands for "maternity leave equality."

On "The View" today when the topic was brought up, mother-of-three Candace Cameron Bure exclaimed, "Maternity leave is not a vacation!"

Wearing a "Jesus Saves, Bro" sweater, the Christian and political conservative explained, "You are sleep deprived. You have a brand new baby. You have a new life you're trying to take care of. Then your emotions, your hormones...it's not a sabbatical!"

A short time later, Candace did clarify, though, that Foye did come to realize that allowing herself to become overworked instead of taking time off to reflect on where she was going in life was not so much the fault of her employer but rather her own inability to have a healthy work-life balance.