Woman Who Thought She Was Pregnant Makes Startling Real Life Discovery

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

Recently, a woman was baffled by her unexpected weight gain. At one point, she even thought she may be pregnant! However, there was a crazy answer to her body change.

“I couldn’t even walk to my car without losing my breath,” the Alabama-based Rahn, 30, told WSFA 12.

She even said the weight gain had other strangers asking about her pregnancy and if she was having twins! She tried her best to lose weight but nothing was working.

“I had been trying to lose weight for about a year, but I was gaining weight,” she said. “I legit looked like I was a solid 9 months pregnant. We went to dinner and someone asked me if I was having twins. It was frustrating and rough.”

When her problems became too much for her to handle, she reached out to her mom. Her mother encouraged her to go to the local emergency room because she was having trouble breathing. When she was finally seen at a hospital, doctors realized the problem was a massive 50-pound cyst in one of her ovaries!

Doctors were able to successfully remove the mass.

"The cyst was thankfully benign, and Jones said the technical name for it is mucinous cystadenoma. Rahn said that she feels free again," according to People.

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