Woman Taking Selfie Causes $200,000 in Damage in Art Museum

July 14, 2017Jul 14, 2017

Back in the old days — before the 2000s — people with cameras took photos of things that impressed or inspired them. Nowadays, our current “selfie culture” gives photos more relevance if the photographer’s face is squashed into them as well.

That appears to be what one woman in Los Angeles was doing as she was trying to capture her face with an array of art sculptures behind her. Surveillance footage of The 14th Factory gallery display two weeks ago shows a woman photographing a row of at least a dozen rectangular pedestals with sculptures on them.

As soon as she finishes taking her photo, though, her friend turns around and crouches in front of the row of pedestals for a selfie. That’s when disaster strikes.

The woman crouching down appears to brush up against the first pedestal before falling backwards, creating a domino effect of pedestals and sculptures crashing to the floor. In all, $200,000 worth of damage was inflicted upon the artworks.

It’s yet another selfie casualty in a string of such incidents that have led to injuries and even deaths as selfie-takers abandon common sense to take pictures of themselves in front of wild animals, in the midst of severe weather, or while hanging on the sides of towers and bridges. In fact, according to Rolling Stone, more people in 2015 died while taking selfies than from shark attacks.

CBS News reports that distracted walking via smartphone usage in general has caused emergency room visits among pedestrians to skyrocket. In 2015, an estimated one and ten injured pedestrians in emergency rooms found themselves there because they were too busy looking at what was in their hand instead of what was right in front of them.

See some examples below of smartphone-distracted pedestrians who narrowly escaped tragedy:

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