Woman Responsible for Some of the Most Famous Books in the World Dies at 93

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

The woman behind some of the most famous books in the world has officially passed away at the age of 93. Judith Jones died Wednesday at her home in Vermont.


According to reports, she died from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. Jones had previously worked at Knopf for more than 5 decades.

She was a senior editor and VP when she retired. While at the company, she helped edit some of the most famous books of all time.


"I read all afternoon with the tears coming down my face," Jones told NPR's Jacki Lyden in a 1998 interview. "When my boss got back, it was evening by then. He said, 'What are you doing still here?' And I said, 'We have to have this book!' And he said, 'What? That book by that kid?'"


She was referring to The Diary of Anne Frank. At the time, the book had already been released overseas but Jones believed in it so much that she convinced her boss to publish it in the United States. It went on to sell more than 30 million copies worldwide in more than 60 languages.

Jones also worked on famous cookbooks by the legendary chef Julia Child. Mastering the Art of French Cooking had already been rejected by publishers when Jones convince her company to take a chance and publish it.


She is survived by her children and grandchildren. They will remember her for many reasons, although surely due to her famous quote listed below.

"Julia once said to me, and I've quoted her on this, 'Judith! We were born at the right time.' And I said, 'Yes, Julia, but we had to act on it,’” she once said in reference to Julia Child.

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