Woman Missing Since 1975 Discovered in Nursing Home by Detectives

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

She went missing roughly 42 years ago in New York. Then suddenly she was discovered by detectives in Massachusetts. According to the Associated Press, Flora Stevens, 78, was using the last name Harris when detectives finally tracked her down. 


When they found her, Stevens was suffering from dementia and living in an assisted-living facility in Massachusetts. Officials claim that they have been unable to figure out exactly what happened during the time of her sudden disappearance in August in 1975. They are also unable to figure out what precisely happened between the time of her disappearance and miraculous discovery.

During the time of her disappearance, she was 36 years old and an employee at Catskills resort. During this time, her husband dropped her off at a doctor's appointment at a hospital. But when he returned to pick her up, she wasn't there. And she never did return again. 

Police were quickly on the case. They tried to figure out what happened and attempted repeatedly to track her down, but they were never successful. Decades later, in September of this year, police thought they discovered the remains of Stevens but were of course wrong. Although the bones roughly matched Stevens' general characteristics, it wasn't her. As authorities would soon discover, they were looking in all the wrong places. This missing woman was actually alive.

When trying to get a sample of Stevens' DNA in order to confirm that the bones belonged to her, detectives noticed that somebody was using Stevens' Social Security number in another state. Deputies thus tracked down the number and followed it to an assisted-living residence. It turned out that Stevens had been living there under a different name since 2001. 

One website claims that the woman has lived in two other nursing facilities. It also claims that she has medical records dating back about thirty years.

So what happened? Currently, nobody is able to confirm exactly what happened. And Stevens, due to her condition, is unable to provide the details of her life. In order to ensure that they were dealing with the same woman, detectives showed Stevens a picture of her employee ID. She was able to recognize herself.

“It’s not too often we get to solve a 42-year-old missing-person case,” Sheriff Mike Schiff said, according to AP. “The main thing is we know Flora is safe.”

According to Fox News, Stevens' husband died in 1985. She no longer has any living relatives.

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