Woman Loses Five Toes After Scary New Pedicure Trend Goes Horribly Wrong

September 13, 2018Sep 13, 2018

One woman had her life changed forever after she recently decided to try a trendy new pedicure treatment that has gone viral across social media. Victoria Curthoys was on a vacation in Thailand when she decided she would try a Thai fish spa.


Thai fish spas have recently gained fame thanks to the sharing ability of social media. The pedicure procedure involves dipping your feet into "fish spas" and having small freshwater fish feed off and remove the foot's dead skin.


"Then when I was in Thailand I decided to use a fish spa. I thought nothing of it as I'd watched the owner set up the system and it looked very clean, but how wrong I was," she said.

She returned from her trip and began to feel ill. When she couldn't shake the sickness and began having fevers, Victoria decided it was time to see a doctor. It was then that she received some horrible news.


Victoria had contracted an infection from the water-born bug that was only found in Thailand, according to the Mirror. Doctors had to amputate her entire big toe. However, it didn't stop there.

CAUTION: The images below may be too graphic for some readers.

"After the initial infection was removed through amputation, the pressure of walking on her smaller toes left Victoria with rough calluses and further infections," reported the Mirror.


Sadly, the other infections got so bad that Victoria's other toes had to be amputated as well.

"After a few blood samples and more X-rays, they discovered another bone infection, so they finally took the last toe in November 2017," she said.

"I also warn people about the dangers of fish spas by discouraging them from using one if I can because we have no idea who those fish have bitten previously," she continued.

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