Pregnant Mother Lured Into Home by Facebook Poster, Killed for her Unborn Child

May 16, 2019May 16, 2019

A tragedy took place last month when a 19-year-old pregnant woman disappeared. Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was last seen a few days before her May 5 due date.

Ochoa-Lopez was found dead near a Chicago home after vanishing last month. She was likely murdered before her baby was cut from her body.

Ochoa-Lopez was pregnant with her second child when she reportedly made arrangements to meet a woman she met through a Facebook group called “Help a Sister Out.” The woman seemed to have offered to swap or donate baby items.

The woman claimed she had a daughter who had baby supplies she no longer needed. Now, the victim's family is accusing that woman of luring Ochoa-Lopez to the home under false pretenses.

“She was giving clothes away, supposedly under the pretenses that her daughter had been given clothes, and they had all these extra boy clothes, and that were the false pretenses that I believe led her to that house," says the family's representative.

Chicago police told NBC News they believe Ochoa-Lopez was murdered. After she was killed, the baby was taken out of her body.

“We believe that she was murdered and we believe that the baby was forcibly removed following that murder,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the news station.

Citing unnamed police sources, CBS Chicago also reports that the baby is believed to have been “cut out” of the murdered woman’s body after she was allegedly lured to the basement of the home.

The news station also confirmed that a 911 call was made from the home where the victim is believed to have gone on the day she went missing. The caller reportedly said that a 46-year-old woman had given birth and that the baby was not breathing.

The infant is currently in critical condition at a local hospital. Four people — two men and two women — were taken in for questioning this week from the 77th address where Ochoa-Lopez’s remains were found in a garbage can on Wednesday.

Authorities have not identified any persons of interest, but sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that a 46-year-old woman is expected to be charged in connection to the murder.