Woman Kicked Off American Airlines Flight for Buying Seat for Her Expensive Cello

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018

The world of airline travel has been rocked in recent years. With the rise of social media, many people are using their phones to film and document disagreements on flights or even poor treatment by airline officials.

Now, a major news story has broken concerning one woman and a seat she paid for. According to reports, a woman was kicked off of a flight even though she bought a ticket for herself and for her expensive instrument.

"A musician who had booked a separate seat for her $30,000 cello says she was booted off an American Airlines flight as she tried to return home to Chicago," reported USA Today.

She one online to tell her side of the story. She wrote a post on Facebook discussing the incident.

“I purchased two round-trip tickets for her and her cello on Apr.2 on the phone directly from AA and told them specifically that one ticket is for the cello as cabin baggage. I was told it is absolutely (sic) allowed and she won't have any problem,” Jay Tang, the musician’s husband, wrote on Facebook.

Tang was able to travel from Chicago to Miami without any issues. However, the return trip is where things took a sour turn.

“My wife could have been told those regulations when flying from Chicago to Miami, at the check-in counter in Miami International Airport, at the gate or even when boarding the plane,” Tang wrote via Facebook. “Yet they chose to kick her out last minute after she was seated and her cello safely secured. They even need law enforcement involved. What a shame."

The airline has since released a statement about the incident. They said they have a reason for their response.

“We rebooked our passenger on a flight the next morning on a larger aircraft, a Boeing 767. We provided her a hotel and meal accommodations for the inconvenience. We apologize for the misunderstanding and customer relations has reached out to her,” Miller added.

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