Woman Is About To Have Abortion; Then Her Phone Receives A Text Message

February 23, 2016Feb 23, 2016

"It's not your body!" a woman entering an abortion center screamed when confronted by a pro-life volunteer.


According to Life News, the woman and the child's father were seeking the abortion in Flint, Michigan when a 40 Days for Life volunteer called out to them.

Angry, the woman entered the center with her partner and their 2-year-old son. But shortly after, the father was asked to take the child outside. That's when the volunteer took the opportunity to confront him again.

"I told him that a woman wants a man who will rescue and take care of his woman and children,” the volunteer said.

But the man seemed at a loss, saying, "What can I do? It's her body."

"Go in and get her!" the volunteer insisted.

Instead, the man sent his pregnant partner a text, which had the same affect. The family left without an abortion taking place.

"We must continue to pray for them," the volunteer asked.

40 Days for Life claims 146 lives have been saved so far in their current Feb. 10 through March 20 effort