Woman Goes Out to Feed Her Pigs, Falls Down and Literally Gets Eaten Alive

February 07, 2019Feb 07, 2019

A crazy story has just made headlines across the world. According to reports, a woman was just killed by her own pigs.

The incident happened in Russia. According to reports, the woman went out to feed her pigs when she collapsed inside their enclosure.

"The unnamed farmer in the Russian region of Udmurtia had gone to feed the swine but fainted or suffered an epileptic attack, say police. The hungry pigs attacked her, 'completely eating' her face, ears, and shoulders, said reports. The woman died from severe blood loss in the Malopurginsky district of Udmurtia," reported the Daily Mail.

Sadly, she was found by her husband. It was a gruesome scene.

"Her husband had been ill and awoke to find her missing. He went to look for her and found her partly devoured body in the sty. A spokesman for the regional Investigative Committee said: 'The opinion of forensic experts has been requested in this case.' The aim is to 'establish all the circumstances and reasons for what had happened,'" according to reports.

It is believed she collapsed in the sty from an epileptic fit or due to fainting. The victim was said to be 56-years old. Please join us in praying for her family during this sad time.

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