Woman Dies from Flesh-Eating Bacteria from Hurricane Harvey Flooding

September 27, 2017Sep 27, 2017

Late last month, Hurricane Harvey brought extreme devastation across Texas and Louisiana. Now, several weeks after the record-setting flooding, reports are coming out of more tragic stories. 

On Wednesday, USA Today reported the death of 77-year-old Nancy Reed. The woman died on September 15, and the cause of death was just released. 

Reed lived in a Houston suburb that was severely flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Reportedly, a flesh-eating bacteria infected her through a tear in her skin.

Tuesday's biopsy revealed that the necrotizing fasciitis, commonly called flesh-eating bacteria, was the official cause of death. The infection spreads quickly through muscle tissue and can eventually cause organ failure. 

Dr. David Persse, the emergency medical services director for the city, said, "It's tragic. This is one of the things we'd been worrying about once the flooding began, that something like this might occur."

While the exact type of bacteria has not been identified, common ones found in floodwaters are streptococcus A, Klebsiella, Clositrium, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Aeromonas hydrophila.

Reed was an active member of her community and was a longtime volunteer at her church and nonprofit organizations.

Erica Badamo, the development manager of Village Learning and Achievement Center, said, "It was difficult to learn because we saw her a lot, very often, at all of our events."

Another woman who worked at the shelter, Tina Tilea, said, "God has gained an amazing angel. We're going to miss her."

At least one other person has passed away from a similar cause in the aftermath of this hurricane. Clevelon Brown, 64, died of sepsis, a response to an infection causing widespread inflammation. A first responder, J.R. Atkins, was infected from floodwaters as well but survived after receiving medical help.

Please be praying for Reed's family, and for everyone who is still experiencing devastation after the hurricanes. In breaking news, Otto Warmbier coroner's report was released. The details are tragic. Please keep his family in your continued prayers as well.

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