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Woman Dies from Brain-Eating Infection After Neti Pot Use, Doctors Give 1 Specific Warning

December 07, 2018Dec 07, 2018

Some absolutely horrible news was reported out of Seattle, Washington this week. A woman who was experiencing a sinus infection tragically died over a mishap with her neti pot.

The 69-year-old woman had developed a sinus infection and visited the doctors. They encouraged her to use a neti pot, a popular tool to help clear out sinuses.

While the neti pot instructions encourage the use of sterile water or saline, the woman used tap water to clear our her nose instead. According to People, her water had been filtered from a Brita Water Purifier.

Reports claimed that the woman continued with this method for around a month. Unfortunately, she then developed a rash on her nose and noticed that there was raw skin near her nostrils. She thought it was rosacea.

After several studies and doctors visits over the course of the year, she suffered a seizure. At that time, a CT scan revealed that she had a 1.5-centimeter lesion on her brain. Sadly, she had contracted an extremely rare brain-eating amoeba called Balamuthia mandrillaris.

Sadly, the woman’s condition continued to worsen over time. Now, the news has been confirmed that she has passed away.

The doctors on the case said that this should not scare people from using their neti pots, but that everyone should be sure to only use sterile water or saline for them. At this time, they believe that it was the cause of the brain infection.

Please be praying for the woman's family during this sad time. Additionally, share this information with family or friends that use neti pots. In other recent news, President Trump has just revealed the replacement as the UN ambassador.